Explore materials, colors, connections and PVC patterns for the skin of F² by Studio 14.


PVC comes in a variety of colors. It is durable, functional, cost effective and proven to last. In an attempt to develop a contemporary design from PVC pipe, we will design along the length of the gridshell. We will avoid crosshatching at intersections, and maintaining clean lines.


Designers, architects, and entrepreneurs are taking PVC to new levels. PVC is durable, functional, and proven to last. PVC is commonly used in the medical field, railing systems, agriculturally, and in storage systems. PVC pipe comes in a variety of bold, attractive colors. Some craftsman have painted PVC pipe to take on the properties of bamboo plants.
Lounge MS was designed by Vaillo + Irigaray Architects. PVC Pipe was painted green to resemble bamboo.

5 6

7 8


C&S Plastic Products sell colored PVC pipe to the consumer public. Their pipe and fittings are produced with formulations that allow C&S Plastics to serve the exact needs of our various market segments. Their product line has a wide variety of sizing options. Their product conforms to the ASTM standards, as well as the tight tolerances that customers require. The pipe and fittings have a high impact threshold, strong UV resistance, and are 100% solid wall throughout.




(1)50’ X ¾” tube of blue PVC pipe

After Studio14 built a 40’ study model from Spruce, we explored skinning the model. We chose to use PVC pipe. We purchased a 50’ X ¾” roll of PVC from a local hardware store. We cut pieces 1 ½ ‘ long and lay them along the length of the model. We repeated this along two panels from the 40’ study model. We simply slipped the PVC between the grid of the model, just as we did last week in our initial study model at the ½” scale.

photo 1 photo 2

photo 3  photo 5photo 4

In conclusion, we were quite pleased with the aesthetics that the PVC provides. It was quite striking alongside the Spruce. There is a bold contrast between the navy blue PVC and the warmth from the Spruce. If we were to pursue PVC, we would like to explore ways in which we could derive more complex designs using PVC pipe.



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