Explore materials, colors, and color patterns for the skin of F² by Studio 14.


Wooden trellis may provide shading that is both protective from the intense Texas weather and aesthetically appealing. It can be added in panels before the build or attached after installation. PVC pipe is available in a variety of colors and dimensions. After the structure has been installed on the site, ½” PVC pipe can be slid between the grid. We believe that either option has strong potential as a skin for F² by Studio 14.


As we explored the skin for our gridshell structure, we considered material, color, and cost. We were inspired by several examples. The examples that we have included, nicely represent the experience that can be spring from a variety of material and color.

Gridshell Toledo is a Pavilion built for the Naples School of Architecture courtyard. The structure is the final outcome of the master’s degree thesis: “Digital Form-Finding of Timber Post-formed Gridshell.” The wooden gridshell was constructed from straight wooden members that were bent along geodesic lines. The skin is applied systematically across the length of the structure. The skinning method has resulted in playful geometric shadows.

1 2


Designers, architects, and entrepreneurs are taking PVC to new levels. PVC is durable, functional, and proven to last. PVC is commonly used in the medical field, railing systems, agriculturally, and in storage systems.

At the Sidney Architecture Festival 2013 PVC was used to create a pavilion. The festival housed examples of structures that formed the building blocks of the lives of residents.



In this case, PVC pipe was used to make a Musical Instrument for a children’s playground. PVC pipe comes in a variety of bold, attractive colors. PVC pipe can also be found in a clear plastic. Some craftsman have painted PVC pipe to take on the properties of bamboo plants.



(16) 1/32” X ¼” X 24” Basswood, (16) red Polystyrene tubes, (3) boxes of coffee stirrers, (3) bottles of spray paint, and tacky glue


First, we purchased (16) strips of Basswood and (16) strips of red Polystyrene tubes and we slid the strips between the grid of our model at a ½” scale. In our model Polystyrene represents PVC pipe. One side was assigned the Basswood and the other Polystyrene tubes. This allowed us to compare the advantages and disadvantages of both materials. We concluded that the red Polystyrene provided a more contemporary appearance. Ultimately, that is the direction we are moving in.

From our decision to pursue PVC pipe, we purchased coffee stirrers and spray painted them three shades of blue. Beginning from one end we gradually intensified the shades. We began with a pale, Baby Blue in the first few sections. Then, we added a Tropical Blue. Finally, we completed the detailed section with a dark, Navy Blue.  The coffee stirrers were attached using Tacky Glue.

DSC_0369 DSC_0370

DSC_0371 DSC_0372

DSC_0373 DSC_0374

DSC_0375 DSC_0376

DSC_0362 DSC_0363


DSC_0351 DSC_0354

DSC_0356 DSC_0366


After researching the endless possibilities of PVC pipe and from the construction of our model, we can conclude that PVC offers the F² by Studio 14 variety, a contemporary appearance, and it’s cost effective. PVC has great potential. In conclusion, we will explore PVC design patterns, and connections.



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