The task for this week was to finalize a design for the skin of the gridshell. The skin we proposed is a collaboration between an initial idea and a proposed idea.

Angled Side View

Featured View

The initial idea for the skin was a 2’ x 2’ square with a fold in a diagonal direction creating one flat piece and one perpendicular piece at a 90 degree angle. The issue with that skin idea was that it was not able to adapt to the grid, it was a static attachment.

Skin 1 - 2 Skin 1 -1 Gridshell-Skin-Detail--3

The second iteration was based on the initial skin panel but changed the design in that it turned the panel to allow for more movement. We also decided to weave the skin panels within the grid structure to allow for both better flexibility and structural strength. The weaving also performs better aesthetically because it hides the panel connections.


Skin 2 Side View

Skin 2 Side View 2

Skin 2 Aerial View

The combination of the two skin iterations led the team into what is now one of the final skin studies for the gridshell project. This iteration creates a dome-like space that is created by scoring the panel at an angle. This skin study allows the panels to move freely within the module when being transported and also gives it the flexibility needed for the gridshell.  Along with the scored angle each panel has a fold along the edges that connect to the grid that creates a tab which sits in the grid.

Aerial View


Front View Angeld

Angled Front View


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