Document the research gathered from the areas of gridshell patterns, gridshell diagrams, gridshell plans and elevations, skin studies, assembly connections, site analysis, precedence studies, and budget analysis. Construct study models to test the variables from our research.


The final installation will be made possible through the continuous assemble of study models. It is critical that we begin to study the behavior of the structure by increasing the dimensions to a larger scale that will reflect its actual dimensions closer to 45’ X 45’.


(17)  1 X 4 X 24 Yellow Pine, ¼” X 4” Bolts, Washer, and Nuts, (6) Rebar, (1) bag of concrete, (1) bag of gravel,


A team of students constructed a 30’ long section referencing the diagram studies conducted using the parametric modeling software Rhino and Grasshopper. The pieces were built and assembled in the UTSA woodshop. Once, the sections were transported to a larger area outside, they were reassembled. Students paid close attention to connections between the joints, all the while making sure that everything was secure before lifting the study model into place.

1 2


4 5


During our Week #8  Exploration, we studied different designs for the final installation. Our designs considered certain variables that would change the behavior of the structure. Variables included: anchor points, anchor lines, geometry, and load. We created diagrams utilizing the parametric software Rhino and Grasshopper.  To gain a feel for the actual installation we generated renderings of the installation on site. The image below depicts a 4AL (Anchor Line) structure on the Travis Park site.

TravisRender 2



Through our continuous exploration of skin for our upcoming installation, we considered scale as much as color, and interaction to create a much richer sensory experience. The scale will reflect the grid that we ultimately chose. Color ranges from the different materials we have considered from Lycra, Polyester with Teflon, Polyester with PVC Coating, and ETFE (Ethylene Tetrafluorethylene).



After the construction of our 30’ study model we have concluded that we have need to continue further studies of stress that the structure can withstand. We change certain variables within our research. We will explore different species of wood and their advantages and disadvantages. The ongoing research of grid patterns and anchoring will support the success of our future installations. Further investigations are necessary, requiring an installation that test the elements.


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