During this week we continued to develop a more systematic approach to form-finding in branching structures.

 After understanding the materiality and geometries of cotton thread, we moved into a more rigid material: copper. Using this material we started imitating the final cotton thread geometries into a more permanent state.

Copper is highly malleable, but in comparison with the cotton thread it needs more direct manipulation; it acts like a structural material. For this reason, we adapted the geometries to find a design that represents a real life structure.

We used three branching systems and interconnected them to create a more complex form. The interconnection between branches created surfaces that allowed us to cover them. We decided to use a transparent plastic material in order to see the structure below. The covering provides shelter while creating a pavilion-like structure.

DSC_0052 1

DSC_0059 1

DSC_0067 1

DSC_0096 1

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